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Workspace Planning

Organisations can often save upwards of 20-30% of their costs by reviewing their space usage – and these are ongoing savings rather than a one-off benefit

How much is your workspace really costing you?

Whatever kind of organisation you work for, your premises will undoubtedly be one of your biggest costs. So it’s vital that you’re not only managing office space as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, but that your workspace design also maximises your business potential.

Form can review your space planning and premises costs to assess the kinds of savings that could be made. And you’ll find this particularly beneficial if you’re about to move, merge or your needs have changed; you’re due for a rent review or approaching a break in your lease; or your offices need to be refreshed.

If you’re concerned you have too little space for your staff, or wasted space that you don’t know what to do with, we can help you understand the implications of issues such as:

Are your business and employees working effectively, or preoccupied with ever-decreasing space?

Is your business operating efficiently, or held back by office designs that are unsuited to your needs?

Do you constantly run out of space with which to accommodate new employees?

Are you facing a merger or wondering how best to manage a new setup?

Do you know how much space you have and how it’s being utilised?

Could you benefit from new ways of using your space that you may never have considered before?

If you’re due for a lease break or rent review, or considering relocation:

Are you considering moving to a bigger, cheaper or more convenient location?

Could you get more for your money elsewhere?

Do you have all the facts you need to negotiate a competitive deal?

Do you have all the information you need to decide whether to stay or go?

Or maybe it’s time for a redesign:

Is your workspace supporting your business’s needs, or is it holding you back?

Do you need to reconfigure your space to improve collaborative working or communication between teams?

Do you want to refresh your office space, or update it to reflect a new brand identity?

Form has the experience to ensure you get the right answers to all these questions and more, by helping you select your ideal new premises, or occupy your existing workspace in the most efficient way.