Clear Amersham

Clear Amersham

Inspiring employee collaboration and well-being


Insurance Brokers, Clear Amersham, faced a significant challenge when their lease expired, compelling them to relocate to Decimal Place. Creating a modern office space that would attract employees to the office was the key driver, and Form Workplace Solutions were appointed to deliver this new, engaging work environment.


The Importance of Employee Retention

A necessary office relocation, for whatever reason, can be extremely difficult for a business. Clear Amersham were keen to retain their existing staff, which meant finding suitable space within a specific location. Although the new office space was over 4,000 sq ft, it had a reduced floor plate and size, necessitating a more efficient design. To further complicate matters, the company was in the midst of transitioning to a hybrid working pattern, meaning they needed to accommodate the team who would be working three days a week in the office.

Clear Amersham’s relocation to Decimal Place was instrumental in retaining local staff and talent. The new site, housed in a prestigious building, ensured the company remained rooted in the community.


Creating a Flexible Space

With a commitment to a hybrid working pattern, the Form design included an open plan layout, fostering collaboration and flexibility. A smaller in-house breakout space with a tea point doubles as an informal meeting and collaboration area. Including spaces like these encourage impromptu discussions and team interaction, promoting creativity and innovation.

“A lease expiry and move gave us the opportunity to look at our office space and have a rethink about creating a more modern way of working for our team. Hybrid working requires clever design and an understanding of how a business operates. Form were able to get to the heart of our business and the result is a contemporary office space that reflects our forward-thinking attitude and commitment to our clients and employees. We are delighted with our new offices - thank you Form.”

John Dunn, Managing Director, Clear Amersham

Acoustic Solutions

When planning any open plan space, taking into account acoustics is key to the success of the space. Sound-absorbing paneling was used to mitigate noise issues and help sub-divide the space to create different zones that better enable hybrid working. Clear Amersham also repurposed a number of high-backed acoustic chairs and meeting booths to ensure that employees could work without the disruption of excessive noise. The collective incorporation of these features contributed to a more productive and focused work environment.


Biophilic Design

The new office space also introduced fun and engaging biophilic design elements, such as a mosaic of preserved moss walls. Clear Amersham are committed to their team’s wellbeing so introducing biophilia into the workplace promotes this vision, as well as bringing a connection to nature.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The executive offices were revamped with a faux crittall look and feel, giving them a modern touch and the office design featured a range of elements aimed at creating a contemporary space. This included striking pendant lighting, colourful flooring, and design features that added interest and vibrancy. The use of strong colours and flooring transitions created visual focal points, making the office visually appealing, vibrant and a good place to be.

Another Happy Client for Form

The new office space reflects Clear Amersham’s commitment to providing high-quality services to their clients while ensuring the wellbeing and productivity of its staff. The successful transformation of their office space underscores the importance of adaptability and creative design in meeting the evolving needs of a modern workplace.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with a business that has a clear vision of what they want to achieve. Clear Group Amersham were focused on creating a new office space that their team would be proud of. Form’s skill lies in bringing ideas to life and designing a workspace that is the very best it can be. It’s great to be asked to focus on employee well-being and this meant we could incorporate features like a moss wall, bold colours and zoning. We’re delighted to have delivered such an exciting project.”

Alex Ryan, Business Development Manager, Form Workplace Solutions Ltd.

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Clear Amersham


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