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Workplace Trends in 2024

What Office Design Needs in 2024

What workplace trends are we seeing in 2024? The way businesses operate has changed considerably over the past few years, particularly post-pandemic. If you haven’t considered your workplace and how it functions in 2024, you might like to consider talking to experts about how your office space can be more productive.

Top 5 workplace trends in 2024:

1. Good amenities in the workplace

Beyond aesthetics, well-considered amenities play a key role in supporting employee wellbeing and productivity. One of the key trends we’re seeing is that businesses want to encourage people back into the office. It’s important to think about how your team work best and offer a variety of options.

A well-designed breakout space, strategically located collaborative areas and wellness-focused corners are integral components for fostering a positive work environment. They all help to encourage communication and bonding and the good news is that you don’t need loads of space to incorporate these.

2. Continuation of hybrid working in 2024

The shift towards flexible work arrangements is a continuing workplace trend that is likely to extend far beyond 2024. Office design needs to integrate both physical and remote workspaces so that hybrid teams can still be productive. Thoughtful design considerations, such as versatile meeting spaces equipped with advanced technology and collaborative tools, play a crucial role in supporting the evolving needs of hybrid work. Spaces where those in the physical office can easily connect with remote workers is a key trend in 2024.

3. Use of materials with a high recyclable content

The drive for sustainability is ever-present and there are many ways that businesses can assess their green credentials. One notable trend gaining traction is the use of recycled materials in furniture, flooring and other accessories and this trend will only become more prevalent throughout 2024.

The appeal of these materials lies not only in their eco-friendly status but also in their contribution to circularity. By repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste, businesses are closing the loop on resource consumption, creating a sustainable cycle that minimises environmental impact.

4. Adaptive office space

As we all know, the way we work has changed and in 2024 we will see even more businesses looking for new solutions for how to integrate teams. Workspaces are no longer seen as static, but rather as places that evolve. Space that can be transformed depending on the week’s requirements will be big news this year. There are lots of products and furniture on the market that make changing the purpose of different areas of the workplace really simple.

5. Focus on employee wellbeing

Businesses that are taking a holistic approach to their employees’ wellbeing are finding it easier to attract and retain good people – particularly important as Gen Z enter the workplace. This is no longer about a nod to wellness, this is about providing proper spaces where your people can connect with each other or have somewhere to reflect or recharge. Happy and healthy employees are more engaged and motivated, and this helps to achieve collective company goals.

“A lease expiry and move gave us the opportunity to look at our office space and have a rethink about creating a more modern way of working for our team. Hybrid working requires clever design and an understanding of how a business operates. Form were able to get to the heart of our business and the result is a contemporary office space that reflects our forward-thinking attitude and commitment to our clients and employees. We are delighted with our new offices - thank you Form.”

John Dunn, Managing Director, Clear Amersham


In summary

Whether you’re moving offices, or looking for some simple changes to update your workspace, Form Workplace Solutions can help. Key trends that you might want to include in any redesign:

  • Good amenities to attract people into the office.
  • How to support hybrid working.
  • Using materials with a high recyclable content.
  • Office space that is adaptable.
  • Focusing on employee wellbeing.


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