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Tax benefits for office fit-out projects

The Chancellor announced a new Super Deduction Tax Scheme in his 2021 budget, offering a 130% tax allowance against qualifying capital purchases – a potential benefit if you’re considering an office fit-out or refurbishment project.


This is clearly great news for businesses looking to invest in their assets and provides a well-needed boost in the commercial sector as we move out of Covid-19 restrictions.

How can it help with office fit-outs and furniture?

If a company has excess cash and is buying furniture or equipment, then it could be best to buy using cash. However, there is the argument that investing cash in depreciating assets isn’t the most cost-effective use of cash, which may offer a greater return if invested in other business needs.

If a business doesn’t have the cash they could benefit from a Lease Purchase agreement for qualifying assets such as furniture and AV as it would give them the 130% tax allowance.

Or another option for a business without the cash is a Lease Rental for the non-qualifying proportion of the fit-out which gives them a 100% allowance on the monthly rentals.

We can help advise clients on the best way to finance their projects through our partner, Plus Finance Limited, that has been offering finance on fit-out projects for 20 years.

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Form Workplace Solutions has a highly experienced design team with a long track record of bringing innovative concepts to the office; and as a registered supplier with the Low Carbon Workspaces initiative, we can also ensure new innovations are delivered in the most cost effective way possible.

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