Gen Z and office design

Gen Z and office design

Gen Z workers are soon to become the majority of any workforce. Is this starting to affect workplace and office design? Big changes are certainly heading our way.


Change seems the only constant, with Covid-19 opening people’s eyes to a new working reality. A fact reinforced by the latest research into employer and employee expectations:

  • 70% of respondents to a recent LinkedIn poll say they’d prefer to work from home and the office – or just the office
  • 85% want the flexibility to choose daily between working remotely or coming into the office
  • 82% of managers expect to introduce more flexible work from home policies in 2021 and beyond

Space is now viewed as a creative medium, open for all to enter, contribute, and enjoy. Formal boundaries, structures, and hierarchies are slowly losing their hold over the design of any physical shape. Layouts need to offer a delicate mix of quiet spaces and collaboration ‘hubs’ to help inspire teamwork and a more vibrant culture.

The challenge now is to translate these requirements into a clear intent and then use this ‘specification’ as the inspiration behind any change.

Shifting the emphasis to intent

How are the providers of workspace solutions responding? Well at Form, we’ve always been excited at the idea of ‘intentional space’. The key word here is ‘intent’:

  • Understanding how a location is going to be used
  • Defining the flow of activities that pass through it on a daily basis
  • Imagining how design can facilitate the required ‘feel’

Shifting employee expectations for the office continue to impact thoughts of design and layout. The challenge now is to translate these requirements into a clear intent, and then using this ‘specification’ as the inspiration behind any change. Safety will always come first, but close behind it comes an opportunity to create the surroundings needed to inspire your business success – both for today and into tomorrow.

Read more on this subject in our blog ‘Re-imagining the workspace’.



Form Workplace Solutions has a highly experienced design team with a long track record of bringing innovative concepts to the office; and as a registered supplier with the Low Carbon Workspaces initiative, we can also ensure new innovations are delivered in the most cost effective way possible.

We’re bursting with ideas on how to bring future office designs to life. If you’re looking for expert know-how and practical support, then get in touch by contacting Alex Ryan on 01494 464686 or email us at

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