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living wall

The fundamentals of biophilic design

Introducing more natural elements into any workspace environment can have a significant impact on employees. Particularly at a time when companies are asking basic questions about the future role their offices should perform. Questions relating to the way a space supports collaboration and creativity – while also ensuring employees feel safe if and when they make the return. Read more...

Re-imagining the workspace

From improved safety to inspired productivity. Moving into 2021 office workspaces certainly have a lot of checkboxes they need to tick. Safety will of course be paramount as businesses consider how best to reopen, closely followed by flexibility as employees seek to combine working from home with time spent in the office. Change once again seems the only constant, with Covid-19 opening people’s eyes to a new working reality. Read more...

Refreshing a traditional working environment

Having previously worked with food technologies company Bühler on a refurbishment of its client service area, Form Workplace Solutions were delighted to be invited back to design a completely new office environment. Bühler had occupied its offices for 10 years having relocated as part of the London Olympics project, but the pressure of a rushed move had resulted in a traditional layout, restricting its business growth. The company’s 25,000 sq ft space needed to embrace the changing working environment with more varied and flexible workspaces. Read more...